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Well time to add another murder to the list for black people. That kid did not deserve to die. Your proving BLM r…
13th August, 2020
To all you anarchists out there, Hamilton put it best. Also, look to the failed country of Chaz as an example that…
13th August, 2020
I had hope just for 1 day. Now I see how this will all play out. #criminalTrump and his minions are going to screw…
13th August, 2020
@CaptMarkKelly Your silence speaks volumes. You are wrong for #Arizona and wrong for #america
13th August, 2020 #Arizona, #america
Tell me this man is not hateful! Blocking money to #USPS affects SO MANY people who depend on getting #medicine thr…
13th August, 2020
Dewine our HS sports: “This is a decision that’s going to be made by parents, by schools”. #America
13th August, 2020 #America