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#FS George Lucas Super Live Adventure Tour Guide Program 1993 Japan via @eBay #ForSale
23rd September, 2018
@PatrickZircher "Why .. 50s?" Clearly a make spurred by huge success of another hot-rod tale, Coppola-Lucas'…
23rd September, 2018
Watching #AmericanGraffiti, when this song kicked it was pretty special. Set the tone and ambience for the movie…
22nd September, 2018 #AmericanGraffiti
Another restored #record . This one is #americangraffiti , the first run. I love records, and preserving the best p…
20th September, 2018 #americangraffiti
Can't abide villainous folk of low moral character who ride their mares on freshly poured cement! #BoomerSooner
19th September, 2018
Acquired “a pint of Old Harper, the hard stuff” for the incredibly cool Charles Martin Smith and dazzlingly sweet C…
18th September, 2018