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@renoomokri No surprises at all. That is the only thing an evil walking DEAD man@mbuhari & a Useless CONTRAPTION@ap
22nd January, 2018
so no need to worry.we'r not killing anti-Christ etc.its a confused 7 yrs fr human civilization #the decisions they…
22nd January, 2018
@EurekaForbes Yes, thank you for the support. Inwould have appreciated more if I didnt have to follow up for two da…
17th January, 2018
Is it too late to ask that Youtubers stop using the 'word' #ANYWAYS ? Aren't you trying to educate people through t…
16th January, 2018 #ANYWAYS
#Anyways I only live once... Just be positive in everything. Jesus loves me. 🙏💜
15th January, 2018 #Anyways
The #TENvsNE game is boring, it shoulda been played first like the previous two playoff days & the one tomorrow…
14th January, 2018