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; Y'all like to ASSUME so hard... I like that 😏 I'll keep y'all posted.✌🏾️😴 Since y'all so worried about what I'm doing. #anyways
17th March, 2017 #anyways
@ImJoshuaOwen OBJ and Marshall haven't even played together yet 😂🤔🙄 #anyways
17th March, 2017 #anyways
#Anyways, last week emp received 40% off all clothing and shoes. I purchased two pair of Coach shoes. @victoriabeckham @TODAYshow
17th March, 2017 #Anyways
Really @Google?!🤦‍♀️How could you let @gmail do this? For the sake of all English teachers pls fix. It's #anyway no…
17th March, 2017
@Snapdeal_Help #i am waiting for more than a month for resolution #anyways i will wait not for update but resolution of problem
16th March, 2017 #anyways