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#rape caca head Judd #Apatow Denounces Trump in Epic Stand-Up Set: ‘I Feel Like I’ve Just Been Raped’ https://t.co/UH7QYHC4F6
20th February, 2017 #Apatow
Simone's taking advice from @Nytimes on @CharlieRose .. Hypocrite u gonna watch new #Apatow series too? https://t.co/n3bctk2hAc
18th February, 2017 #Apatow
Some good advice for writers. Judd Apatow On His Characters: 'If Everyone Is Mature, There Is No Comedy' #Apatow... https://t.co/eBvjiamUOi
18th February, 2017 #Apatow
@TODAYshow you've drawn a line when you put that whack job #apatow on air and normalize him. Maybe balance it out & invite @RealJamesWoods
13th February, 2017 #apatow