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We installed the Alpine HALO9 iLX-F309 in an ‘03 BMW 330i. The large 9-inch floating screen looks stunning in the d…
26th April, 2018
Listen to "Outreach Teaching - Behaviour in Today's Classrooms #54" by GPK Radio 📻
25th April, 2018
Here’s what I’m working on this week: 2018 Honda Fit Sport. First impressions? Comment below. #HondaFit
25th April, 2018 #HondaFit
Ford F-350 in for a Kenwood Excelon Apple car play navigation and some Recon cab lights . #nvs #nvsaudio #ford
25th April, 2018 #ford
The XIAOMI ROIDMI 3S car charger that we reviewed recently is going cheap in the @TheGearbest Auto Sale -…
25th April, 2018
The reason why I’d prefer @googlemaps for #Carplay 😁 the good news: I reached my destination! 🚗 #biztrip
24th April, 2018 #Carplay