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@VintageRockMag i might only buy this if you tweet me a belated birthday themed photo of #JohnnyCash #RingOfFire fo… https://t.co/pHGjSmjXd8
16th January, 2018
I guess it’s a good thing I’m not going anywhere this break. Gives me more time to save for my graduation VacAtion… https://t.co/XbjGe9g5s2
13th January, 2018
@VintageRockMag i have no friends or family and therefore i have no choice but to ask strangers, like you, to be ki… https://t.co/M3k0HTbzMB
11th January, 2018
27 weeks! 90 days to go!!! Hell Yeah 😍 soon I’ll be able to meet you baby boy! So excited☺️💙. #April11
10th January, 2018 #April11
https://t.co/e7GOfjFr7R #Image10 @Channel4 i realize that you might be reluctant to tweet me a belated birthday-the… https://t.co/yax2vMvlN9
10th January, 2018