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#aprilfools this was a joke u guys r so silly
2nd July, 2020 #aprilfools
I knew my future would be wild #aprilfools sorry mama👳‍♂️ https://t.co/F19oFVUBbs
2nd July, 2020 #aprilfools
Meet Claire- part 3. She’s wondering what happened to April, May and June! #monologue #monologuechallenge #dramahttps://t.co/3jfEqaVp5Z
1st July, 2020
@Artie_Pavlov @Animuncula That was the first issue of Dragon magazine I ever purchase. I read thru it so many times… https://t.co/OXsfhTU1rB
1st July, 2020
Made by my good friend Ellis! This emote will have googley eyes like on #aprilfools that the people from @PlayOverwatch did.
30th June, 2020 #aprilfools
MY PARENTS DON'T LIKE YOU PRANK ON BOYFRIEND (APRIL FOOLS) [HE SAID THE ... https://t.co/clzQn5Jsik via @YouTubehttps://t.co/ZGfShNR9iM
29th June, 2020