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Latest Tweets has plenty of non-meat items for this first Friday of Lent! Open to 10 & all weekend in din…
29th February, 2020
I toured one of two workshops on the campus of Asbury Methodist Village. Very impressive! They are maintained and…
27th February, 2020
The winning Trivia team at Asbury Methodist Village: the Villa villains. asburycommunities #asbury
27th February, 2020 #asbury
A quality facial can help your skin improve itself by increasing the cells’ metabolic rate and increasing the oxyge…
27th February, 2020
Last night was the Annual Trivia Night at Asbury Methodist Village! The Villa villains triumphed. #trivianight
27th February, 2020
I’m extremely grateful for the wonderful, warm welcome of hundreds of residents at a Meet & Greet today at Asbury M…
26th February, 2020
@Macadoodle96 Second that question! Also, who got fired? Past alumni would like to know 😎 #ChapelTweet #Asbury
26th February, 2020 #Asbury