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I felt so special to your words until i saw you talking to other like how you talk to me.😂😂😂 #Assuming😂😂
24th March, 2017 #Assuming
Republicans: stop #ASSUMING shit about me just because I'm Republican!!! you works?
24th March, 2017 #ASSUMING
What's happening with the Nourse Used Cars Team? Better check out this video! #MANIAC #ASSUMING
23rd March, 2017 #ASSUMING
@maeisflimsy Oh my gosh?! What do you mean? Gimmick yung prize?! hahaha #assuming
23rd March, 2017 #assuming
Excuse me @kris.akino, why don't you try to play volleyball for the team, it's not that easy! #assuming
23rd March, 2017 #assuming
I sense an American Hustle Life reunion. 🤗 #Assuming
22nd March, 2017 #Assuming
But realizing later if they stayed in our lives , we would've been the very miserable. & the best thing happened after they left. #assuming
22nd March, 2017 #assuming
@Rain7777 - Could be. I've always assumed that if a reporter has enough to publish his ties to Russia, the FBI probably has more? #Assuming
22nd March, 2017 #Assuming
Throwback to when Mokya was already hinting something back in September. Sila pa rin ba ang kulang? Yiiieee…
22nd March, 2017