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Catching up with projects paused during my rigs shipping! Missed this @wavesaudioltd plugin soooo much!! • #mixing
27th March, 2019
Had a spring clean ! Old rack back in - much more room and easier to get in to swap components / cables , sounding…
27th March, 2019
The number of Americans listening to online #audio continues to increase across every age group. #infinitedial
27th March, 2019 #audio
Listen out: voice technology brings new audio opportunities | by Clare Cavanagh, Reuters Community #audio #news
27th March, 2019 #audio, #news
LABOR | CREW | TALENT Do you need crew for your next show? We’re here to help. If you’d like to receive a detailed…
27th March, 2019
Working with new young audio writers and producers is always so exhilarating, refreshing and challenging in the bes…
27th March, 2019