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@HermeneNdigo I'm about to work on my cover letter 2 my #August2016 missive 2 U & i have d wrong zip code * i'll re-submit my missive w/my
17th October, 2016 #August2016
AS answer of this too i had given in just passed #august2016 that yess I MADE ME MORE HAPPY IN THIS AUGUST2016!!!!! AS YES with considering
16th October, 2016 #august2016
#August2016: Top 10 Busiest domestic routes of Kolkata @AAIkolAirport. Spectacular growth on most key routes…
16th October, 2016 #August2016
@woodruffbets Oh!! wait 4 my upcoming missive 2 @realDonaldTrump cuz I made an adjustment to my #August2016 Trump-Madigan deal!! #Staytuned!
15th October, 2016 #August2016
@EricTrump 2 your father!! This is if indeed Hillary's telling Mayor Emanuel not 2 hire me!! I'm working on an adjustment of my #August2016
15th October, 2016 #August2016