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Purchased Previously owned @AutoNation dealer had a issue after 12-21 days purchase,told oh"that's not a warranty"issue #autonation #scam
28th May, 2017 #autonation
Congrats to Tina on her new 2017 Toyota Corolla 🙌🏽 As her first new car, we had to get a picture to capture the mo…
27th May, 2017
We hit up Zion NP with our dog Buster and a Subaru Forester from AutoNation. Full review on our website!…
27th May, 2017
I may have to make 2 treats on Tuesday, because I didn't do my usual Friday #AutoNation Treat Day.. — feeling blissful
26th May, 2017
@BillGates More tragedies like this can happen because #AutoNation keeps selling cars with killer safety defects:
25th May, 2017