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Two million dollar minimum value threshold for any art in my home. Presenting "Fountain" by Marcel Duchamp… https://t.co/1asuVCU6D3
8th April, 2020
A gift for you: ambient electric guitar from my backpages, 1992, with my friend Mark Sullivan. DL or stream as you… https://t.co/pQM2FIOjYq
7th April, 2020
Dave Dougan, @ordinaryfanfare & Ali Robertson walk into a bar in 2006 and emerge, digitally, into a pandemic in 202… https://t.co/PQgwjEwSCr
7th April, 2020
🔴 LIVE PODCAST: TITM 2020 Ep:13 - Can You Trust Your Friends Around Your Significant Other? on @Spreaker #avanthttps://t.co/kHXuocDpD6
7th April, 2020 #avant
Internet of Things will become a crucial tool for freight forwarders to better control logistics flows, discover po… https://t.co/OWpyyIKoMW
6th April, 2020