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@amipheonix @DannyGunnXXX #Bahaha I literally just lol’d I mean I didn’t mean to sound like a cannibal more along t… https://t.co/F7OZOKOU1m
18th February, 2018
Absolutely in love with Pandora. It’s so beautiful. I could spend all day walking around and looking at all the det… https://t.co/v0kNWAVyx2
18th February, 2018
First time i saw hordes of people waiting for #BlackPanther movie, what a craze👌 Had to return back, sold out all o… https://t.co/gXefVxgf0c
18th February, 2018
Who wouldn't want to be a Bender? Air, Earth, Fire, Water, who cares?! Which would you choose? #Avatarhttps://t.co/z81MBmEahc
18th February, 2018 #Avatar