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@lamborghinimiami TURN UP THE VOLUME! Battle of the bulls.. Aventador S Coupe vs Huracán Performante Coupe .. The q… https://t.co/e40jcOdtYu
24th May, 2018
The latest line up from Sant’Agata 🇮🇹 Aventador S Coupe x Huracán Performante Coupe! TURN UP THE VOLUME! V12 or V10… https://t.co/PgEb1dPxJ9
24th May, 2018
Lamborghini Aventador s - I still think yellow is the best color for any Lambo #boccittographics #lamborghinihttps://t.co/yfBpEQ4euS
23rd May, 2018 #lamborghini
Discover the 4 masterpieces of Aventador S: 4 Wheel Steering, 4 Active Suspension, 4 Wheel Drive, 4 Driving Modes.… https://t.co/u3HRhsS6CM
23rd May, 2018
Unique heritage and groundbreaking vision: Japan is the perfect setting for #AventadorS https://t.co/vbE1PGmOcP
23rd May, 2018 #AventadorS
2 absolutely amazing cars.....which would you pick for a blast around the Swiss Alps roads though? :: :: 📸: @nfoxtvhttps://t.co/b1GEJwKiwv
18th May, 2018
We couldn’t be asking for a better day in the sun for our Aventador S test drive event! #Lamborghini #AventadorShttps://t.co/eocWCQuzof
17th May, 2018 #Lamborghini, #AventadorS