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A distasteful coincidence ..just now my mind went in pole memories images speed and look this: Ayrton had an accide… https://t.co/AmzLi0ezvH
17th June, 2018
I recall on my first international press trip, with @MercedesBenz to the new #Nurburgring to drive the 190E 2.3-16,… https://t.co/RZP9pxRSug
15th June, 2018 #Nurburgring
Always so good to follow his thoughts and words. Thank you for having shared #Ayrton’s utmost political incorrectne… https://t.co/1FHNwTpv4P
12th June, 2018 #Ayrton
@F1 Bon Soir, #JeanAlesi Nice To Read & Say Your Name Out Loud After So Many Years! I Was An Avid @F1 Fan Of The ON… https://t.co/mGxLrs3fvr
11th June, 2018