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The cars you see in our artworks and @IAmAutomobilist 's posters are made in 3D from scratch and @McLaren MP4/4 is… https://t.co/LFh7PFcqzx
13th February, 2018
We are really proud of our recreation of this #McLaren MP4/4 and Ayrton Senna's helmet since it is the most accurat… https://t.co/rXWbINYmcA
13th February, 2018
“When I realized that #Ayrtonsenna had passed away, I felt the same when John Lennon died.” George Harrison https://t.co/aSjvdfnb23
13th February, 2018 #Ayrtonsenna
Here's the promotional poster of my thesis film, "Legend". It's a short, animated film following the spectacular ca… https://t.co/AnAW5ONj4Y
13th February, 2018
#AyrtonSenna soars through the air towards his next achievement. This is a mockup shot for my thesis film, "Legend"… https://t.co/Kt5GKCAYpL
13th February, 2018 #AyrtonSenna
@F1 Always with us #Ayrtonsenna our champion !🤷‍♂️🇧🇷
12th February, 2018 #Ayrtonsenna
A little @netflix and chill on Monday morning after a long, fun Sunday night shooting 📸 at #Olympics men’s luge 🛷 w… https://t.co/FiiPumwyk3
12th February, 2018
#Senna Great documentry about the life of racing legend #AyrtonSenna I remember watching his final,tragic race. Ca… https://t.co/2Pc716rYxf
12th February, 2018 #Senna, #AyrtonSenna