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@nowthisnews Lol loving how progressives think this propaganda will appeal to Muslims. Maybe apostate ones. But the…
6th August, 2017
Hamza Shehbaz is neither Sadiq nor Ameen, says Ayesha Ahad #backfire
5th August, 2017 #backfire
Sometimes new restaurants #backfire. Damn you corn beef hash!
5th August, 2017 #backfire
@JulianAssanje Yes they all need held acctble! So corrupt its disgusting and they go after Trump. #Backfire
5th August, 2017 #Backfire
@AOTR_Host @DLoesch How much more was the ad heard because of the left's attempt at ridicule? #backfire
5th August, 2017 #backfire
@jen_h @Wonka609Joann @bradheath @brianstelter Or now too embarrassed to admit their stupid in believing in him! He…
5th August, 2017