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I don't get me, You don't get me, No one really does get me, With a great big puzzle & a maze between me & you, Wo…
15th September, 2018
Golden Doodle puppy Barney joined us yesterday for his first day! Scroll left to see all the fun he had.…
14th September, 2018
What kind of a friend would I be if I didn’t snap pictures of him in moments of pain? Happy Birthday @McGruf
14th September, 2018
You will never reach your goals if you never use your imagination... #barney #childhood #lessons
14th September, 2018 #barney
It’s nice to know that some kids still appreciate the classic that is barney! I love you, You love me, We’re a happ…
13th September, 2018
#TBT to a time when life’s only stressors were the quarrels between BJ and Baby Bop #Barney #90skid
13th September, 2018 #Barney
Apparently laying on my clothes is much more comfortable than laying his head on the bed 😂🙄 #barney #comfortable
13th September, 2018 #barney
I love you , you loved me we are happy family 😂😂🎵🎶🎤 Wearing my Barney T-shirt . Thanks to bebe Leanne 😄😍😘…
13th September, 2018