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Loved the latest @BBC_TopGear episode, especially the 2CV part. Brilliant, brilliant stuff. The 25th season is trul…
19th March, 2018
#BBCTopGear Episode 4 last night, #Citroen2CV where Chris and Leblanc take the back seats out to have a picnic, ref…
19th March, 2018
Against the odds #bbctopgear just gets better .. the chemistry works @Matt_LeBlanc @MrRoryReid @harrismonkey
18th March, 2018 #bbctopgear
I am loving @BBC_TopGear!! @Matt_LeBlanc is doing a fantastic job, he has really grown into the role. Ably assisted…
18th March, 2018
Love 2CV. This was exactly like mine, a Dolly. #BBCTopGear
18th March, 2018
@BBC_TopGear is back on top form! Great start to new series, we love a V8 here - @harrismonkey @MrRoryReid @Matt_LeBlanc #bbctopgear
13th March, 2018 #bbctopgear
And #BBCTopGear still manages to bear that slight stench of racism. Nothing really changes.
11th March, 2018
Wanton destruction of a nice car besides, seems general rule of thumb if better Grand Tour & Top Gears is they lack…
11th March, 2018
On delay but just wincing at the damage being done to the RX7 with them lashed together #bbctopgear
11th March, 2018 #bbctopgear