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This Is The Best Argument Against #Marxism, And It is Absolutely Essential For Arguing Against #Socialists — Steemi…
12th August, 2018
@SecularoUTlook @PWM62 @lynnv378 Yes because of Citizens United ...meanwhile kids are in cages, Trump is about to p…
12th August, 2018
it is time people for people to learn to get along with one another. we must let virtue be our guide. HONESTY INT…
12th August, 2018
If everything is going to be free please explain why anyone would work. #DemocraticSocialism #BernieSanders
12th August, 2018 #BernieSanders
"For Voters Sick of Money in Politics, a New Pitch: No PAC Money Accepted" by NYT #berniesanders
12th August, 2018 #berniesanders
ALEC Sets the Table for Gerrymandering, Union Busting, Protecting Fossil Fuels, and Privatizing Schools…
12th August, 2018