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#Betsy needs to fuel her yachts--Students screwed once by for-profit colleges being screwed again by Trump's Educat…
8th August, 2018 #Betsy
@weeki1 How old are you? You weren't around the years of Sec of Ed, William Bennett '85-'88 were you? Useless #Betsy
7th August, 2018 #Betsy
That moment when you realize that it probably costs more to reshingle @BetsyDeVosED ‘s summer home than your public…
7th August, 2018
happy birthday Kelly!!🎉 Thanks for being one of my besties & using me for a house to hang at😒 Hope your day is bomb…
4th August, 2018
@betsymusic well the picture of the photo being taken of you #Betsy is lovely
3rd August, 2018 #Betsy