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@SullivanTweet @nbc Too soon for a finale. Let’s keep this train a running! #Big3
7th March, 2018 #Big3
It's been an awesome 2 days with this crew from @ColquittMTSS at #NYARE2018 !!! Love having leaders from the #Big3
7th March, 2018 #Big3
IPL follows all that criteria..Looks IPL,BBL & English league will be new #BIG3 😉
6th March, 2018 #BIG3
That’s 69 points for Yo Eli and TJ. 72 for st Mary’s. #Big3
6th March, 2018 #Big3
been a long ride. couldn't have done it without the bros #big3
6th March, 2018 #big3
s/o to the people in the world that are Lakers, Cowboys, & Yankees fans!!! Ya’ll are true fans #Big3
6th March, 2018 #Big3
@CNBC "Steel Tariffs will affect a lot of people, including companies and people who use steel for hobbies."…
5th March, 2018