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7 years ago! ❤ ... I miss my Bike.. More than I've ever missed any Ex.. Haha 😂 x #GoodTimes #Biker
18th February, 2019 #Biker
The colour spectrum starts from Violet and so do my colour choices. Another fabulous wrap job executed by wrapster…
18th February, 2019
Mervin has taken delivery of his very first Harley-Davidson® motorcycle: this gorgeous 1200 Custom! Congratulations…
18th February, 2019
@patsavageband LOVE your generosity of Spirit, Pat. To get the outside world to open their eyes to riders, The…
18th February, 2019
Motorcycle just added! Photos and story of this Restored Classic Honda CBX – 1979 #motorcycle #biker
18th February, 2019 #motorcycle, #biker