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WOW @MoneybrainBiPS #BiPS has finally made it; onto one of the coolest TV series on the plant #Billions
4th April, 2019
BIPS Patiala is inviting admissions in all classes! Let your child touch the skies and achieve the pinnacle of succ…
3rd April, 2019
The on-point P2P & Blockchain/Crypto journo team over at @p2pfinancenews tracked me down in Marbella to confirm our…
29th March, 2019
If anyone would like to meet up in London to hear what all the #BiPS digital currency fuss is all about; you can re…
28th March, 2019
We’ve been invited to Spain over the next couple of days to discuss the 2019 EU roll out of #BiPS & #JustUs followi…
28th March, 2019
Have you got your #BiPS yet? Trust Wallet (from Binance) allows you to purchase and exchange! Love your #BiPS
28th March, 2019
How cool that you can now hold your #BiPS to exchange and purchase via the Binance owned Trust Wallet #Blockchain
28th March, 2019
Well done to the #BiPS development team Mike Moroney & Mehdi Dana for bringing the innovative BiPS Buddy Referral P…
26th March, 2019