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Big ups to one of my college roommates, fraternity brother, and great friend. Way to go #Blaney!
22nd April, 2018
@Blaney For sure. You are my new favorite Driver since Carl Edwards retired. #TeamPenske #Blaney #12
16th April, 2018 #TeamPenske
However, I would like to go on record and say that @Blaney shows class and lots of composure after getting wrecked like that #blaney
15th April, 2018
well, no need for me to watch any more of this race. #Blaney #BristolBaby #WTFjustHappened
15th April, 2018
Well damn. Today has been a terrible day at Bristol FOR McMurray. And Blaney is basically my #3 driver too. This re…
15th April, 2018