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You probably know your blood type, but do you know who can receive your blood (and whose you can receive)?…
21st February, 2017
A month old girl Marita Habib is in need for #bloodtype O- in Saint Georges #Hospital Call: 03049737 -70929115 @DSCLebanon @RedCrossLebanon
21st February, 2017 #bloodtype
Turns out when you have two A+ parents, you end up with all A+ kids! Lol! #bloodtype
21st February, 2017 #bloodtype
Every #bloodtype has a unique power. Learn about your blood type in less than 2 minutes.
20th February, 2017 #bloodtype
Every #bloodtype is LOW and needs replenishing! Find the nearest blood drive by visiting:
17th February, 2017 #bloodtype