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All these buys at #blu and they don’t move it back up. See you mid November then.
20th October, 2020 #blu
@already2late @BlueStarCap they have come along way this year and sp back to placing price , its attractive at this level #BLU
20th October, 2020 #BLU
bought back in , maybe could go a touch lower , but RR here is very favourable for me. Short term target 0.21p . ✔️…
20th October, 2020
A homeowner’s dream patio installed here by the good people at @pictureperfectlandscapes! Love the use of our #Blu
20th October, 2020 #Blu
Well that’s the kids ISA’s topped up with #BLU and another £2k bought for myself ! Below latest placing prize wit…
20th October, 2020 #BLU
#BLU How is this not above 24? Everything has come together perfectly, all of the investments are doing really well…
20th October, 2020 #BLU