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Advent is the time to open doors - we've got a special one for you. #BMWWelt
8th December, 2017 #BMWWelt
BMW Welt has a new highlight - the MINI Lifestyle Shop. Get some impressions of today's grand opening. We'll see yo…
7th December, 2017
On this day tree years ago I saw @coldplay at the #BMWWelt in #Munich. It was a magical evening. #Coldplay
6th December, 2017 #BMWWelt, #Munich
BMW Headquarters 👊🏻 Not a super fan of cars but the museum took my breathe away. Sexy beasts from all over the year…
3rd December, 2017
It's the 1st of December - time to open the first door of your advent calendar. #BMWWelt
1st December, 2017 #BMWWelt