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Sunday morning road trip junk food in East Tennessee. #Bojangles Cajun Filet biscuit baby
24th June, 2018 #Bojangles
Got to #Bojangles and my total was 6.66.. This is obviously Gods way of telling me to get a #BoBerryBiscuit, right? #NotTodaySatan
24th June, 2018 #Bojangles
Hats off to Bojangles (2695 Panola Rd.) for supporting the GROVE and allowing MG FOOTBALL to bond and garner suppor…
24th June, 2018
I knew a man Bojangles And he'd dance for you In worn out shoes. (This is the real Beau Jangles. My boy)…
23rd June, 2018
salt shaker came on this morning and I almost totaled my car over it #bojangles
23rd June, 2018 #bojangles
@chessonhadley @chessonhadley you are the man! I’m in total agreement, hippos and rhinos 🦏 are the coolest. And you…
23rd June, 2018