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Bridge the industry-academia gap as #IEEEPESSBCRIT in collaboration with #IEEEPESYoungProfessionals, Kerala bring b…
5th August, 2020
@richardmarx Watch Bosch again and again and again until @welliver_titus when is the next season out? April? We love you man. #Bosch
5th August, 2020 #Bosch
Breakout levels to watch: Bosch Ltd 12685 - Bharat Forge 398 + ITC Ltd 191 - Jubilant FoodWorks 1823 + Tata St…
5th August, 2020
Getting a real Qwangle Wangle's Hat vibe from this Bosch painting. #edwardlear #bosch
5th August, 2020 #bosch
Getting to know the country where one lives always takes a bit of reading. The gardener at our residence surprised…
4th August, 2020