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#buffett is biggest hypocrite in universe. avoiding taxes like crazy but yet wants wealthy to be taxed as long as its not him @WarrenBuffett
18th October, 2016 #buffett
"Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing."- Warren #Buffett
18th October, 2016 #Buffett
Check out 8" Landshark Jimmy #Buffett Margaritaville Surf Board Beer Tap Handle NEW https://t.co/7mlwQ7GyMd via @eBay
18th October, 2016 #Buffett
Since Warren #Buffett thinks the 'rich' should pay more taxes, why doesn't he pay the taxes for the first time in a text editor.
18th October, 2016 #Buffett
What is Buffetts’ Owner Earnings and Y-Charts Owners’ Cash Profits? https://t.co/xcwg9OURTh via @KenFaulkenberryhttps://t.co/HYw6XIB688
18th October, 2016
Time to Implement a Fixed Minimum Tax Rate on the Wealthy let's put a 30 percent #Buffett rule in place https://t.co/MiTK80mMIo @truthout
17th October, 2016 #Buffett