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This is what I do in free time. Sometimes digging deep comes up with good results. Thanks @Bugcrowd for this awesom… https://t.co/1axIPLUKzB
14th December, 2017
Is awesome receive new invites from programs that has been opened because oneself has reported a bug to them at the… https://t.co/NAlZjYDQcy
14th December, 2017
@sno0ose @Viss @hexwaxwing Got all this time on my hands now that I'm not working 120 hours a week. Rebounding fro… https://t.co/dNkT2fXsA4
12th December, 2017
Any advice for newbie on how to increase ranks and reps on #hackerone and #Bugcrowd ? What programs to go for and w… https://t.co/f80oo4Wekx
11th December, 2017 #Bugcrowd