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While waiting for Indiedb approval on the latest devlog, please enjoy this creep ascending to the heavens.… https://t.co/4sixBe3mHG
20th October, 2017
Uggh but it likely came from another passenger. Remember when they used to spray the plane with bug spray on tropic… https://t.co/vwUHrGQZCm
19th October, 2017
If @NextScripts fixed reposter & version 4 #bugs, my site wouldn't have #spam over 300 times in a 24 hour period
19th October, 2017 #bugs
My @Starbucks app kept crashing at the counter and I wasn’t able to use it to pay or earn stars ☹️ and yes my app is up to date! #bugs
19th October, 2017 #bugs