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$5,601 OFF through the end of June, so hurry too Patrick Buick-GMC while you still can and save BIG!!! Email is in… https://t.co/Ljg0XBZpOe
24th June, 2019
I like Mondays, they open up a whole new week of opportunities to share everything that's available to you. Don't f… https://t.co/xyllMQub4C
24th June, 2019
Mel was really excited to get rolling in their new 2019 Buick Encore so much that Mel just shot a wave at Sales Pro… https://t.co/jOHWYi6Mne
24th June, 2019
"Here's your #Buick sir" "Actually, THAT'S my Buick" Racist motherfucker 😡
24th June, 2019 #Buick