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Congratulations! Not only is Carlito F our Fan of the Month, but also the proud new owner of a #BuickEncore. https://t.co/h2ArFlDwUL
16th January, 2018 #BuickEncore
The 2018 #BuickEncore offers a range of luxury features, substantial cargo space, and a sleek sculpted exterior. Ch… https://t.co/FUR1YA2SVV
15th January, 2018 #BuickEncore
Robert came in over the weekend and left shortly after in a brand new 2018 Encore! Scott was happy to help you out… https://t.co/OZ7pL93kXe
15th January, 2018
I love my #buickencore 🚙 and happy the hubby is back at GM, as he surprised me with a gift… https://t.co/1k4ywmzHbw
12th January, 2018 #buickencore