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@NolteNC Steve McQueen in The Sand Pebbles aired earlier today on @MoviesTVNetwork it's definitely Steve's 2nd best film after #Bullitt
24th June, 2017 #Bullitt
#Bullitt was a great car chase sandwiched between a bland cop procedural. Next up: The Getaway...
23rd June, 2017 #Bullitt
Can't believe I've never seen #Bullitt The opening titles alone would make Tarantino ejaculate
23rd June, 2017 #Bullitt
Congratulations to those who guessed "The Blob." Probably an Italian rerelease poster designed to capitalize on the… https://t.co/hlJRcEMFac
22nd June, 2017
Watched this scene again last night. If you don't get excited while watching it, you might be a robot. #Bullitt https://t.co/zn4Ijr6U2m
21st June, 2017 #Bullitt