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@NSHLCommish Also like to thank the GM's for their vote. Keep an eye on Leon Draisaitl this upcoming season. #calder
9th August, 2016 #calder
OK Bedtime. Today was RIDICULOUSLY busy and lovely and fun and amazing and I LOVE my people so so much. <3 #Calder
6th August, 2016 #Calder
#CoverReveal accomplished. Go to to see #Calder + Quinn’s new illustrated cover! <3 <3
6th August, 2016 #Calder
No need for a 'Sergei Makarov rule' in the Swiss league: its top rookie wins 'Youngster of the Year.' #Calder
6th August, 2016 #Calder
#Calder has strong analgesia and fast acting onset with prolonged calming mind effects.
5th August, 2016 #Calder