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Retweeted Max Power AKA Lando (@Such_A_Lando): I’m Batman 🦇 What about you? 😜 #Boofhead #CapedCrusader #MondayMan
14th May, 2018 #CapedCrusader
@johnny_buttons @Ellie_Buttons @Zoe_Buttons Our road trip continues, having been in Wales, Oswestry, Wellington Cou…
12th May, 2018
Also in AWE of Cheryl blossom having time to do an outfit change whilst being chased by a serial killer. #capedcrusader #riverdale
11th May, 2018 #capedcrusader
@telltalegames Just completed Batman: The Enemy Within, the story and scenarios were great as well as the choices w…
10th May, 2018