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#CAPT is the national association providing a voice, leadership and support to pharmacy technicians & support staff.
21st August, 2017 #CAPT
Let's leave Iceland behind for a little while and get ourselves ready for the upcoming adventure... #popular…
21st August, 2017
Join Defence forces and handle all bosses with smile. How to identify, and handle, a demanding boss. #capt
20th August, 2017 #capt
More rains on the way via western corridors. do get ready for Sunday treat with loved ones. no one talking mumbai r…
19th August, 2017
@ChristiGabbitas @LordMayorBD @bradfordlibs247 So agree. And when they tell you it's been fun, even better #Capt Red Hand's Adventures
18th August, 2017 #Capt