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@iansomerhalder loved and learned a lot from your @YEARSofLIVING episodes ❀️ so proud of you #CaptainPlanet
30th May, 2017 #CaptainPlanet
Just watched episode 46, "A Twist of Fate". Wheeler got amnesia and learned the life of homeless. #CaptainPlanet
29th May, 2017 #CaptainPlanet
Forrest Dump One Flew Over the Compost Heap Man, these #CompostSchmovies are giving me life. Love it! #CaptainPlanet πŸ˜ƒ
29th May, 2017 #CaptainPlanet
Just watched episode 45, "Losing Game". Doctor Blight's scar is seen for the first time. Pretty nasty looking. #CaptainPlanet
28th May, 2017 #CaptainPlanet