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If you can't avoid a #pothole, hit it straight. Hitting at an angle can transfer impact in ways more likely to caus…
23rd March, 2017
Test your car's air conditioning. Better to find a problem now than once summer heat sets in! #caradvice #spring
22nd March, 2017 #caradvice
An important reminder as we enter pothole season- how to change a flat tire: #caradvice
22nd March, 2017 #caradvice
Snow melts in the spring sun, but it refreezes at night! We're not quite done with icy roads yet, so be aware!…
22nd March, 2017
It's #potholeseason. If your car's pulling to one side, you may have knocked out your alignment. Get it checked…
22nd March, 2017
With #MarchMadness in full-swing, make sure you keep both your basketballs and tires inflated:…
21st March, 2017 #MarchMadness
Tire pressure changes along with the weather. Learn to check yours here! #caradvice
21st March, 2017 #caradvice