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22nd June, 2018
Cleaning your car's interior with a paper towel can leave fuzzies behind. Use a coffee filter for a fuzz-free car!…
20th June, 2018
When it comes to car repair, don't roll the dice, know the price! Get your free quote @ tod…
19th June, 2018
If your glove compartment is a mess, use an accordion folder to keep it nice and organized! #CarHacks #LifeHacks
18th June, 2018 #CarHacks
Windshield wipers come and go so quickly! Wipe yours down with some rubbing alcohol to increases their lifespan for…
18th June, 2018
Summer is the season of road trips. Check out these #CarHacks before you take off!
15th June, 2018 #CarHacks
Worried about the kiddos banging the car door into the garage wall? Using half a pool noodle can save your doors!…
13th June, 2018