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The key to a well-performing and long living vehicle is regular motor oil maintenance! #TAD #caradvice
4th August, 2017 #caradvice
Keeping your car well-maintained is an easy way to maximize re-sale value. Learn what you can do:…
4th August, 2017
The avg #Canadian drives 20,000 km/yr, so the avg 10 yr old car has 200,000km on it. How old is too old?…
4th August, 2017
More #caradvice on #speeding What to Do if You Receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution Through the Post -
4th August, 2017 #caradvice
If you've never bought a car before, here are some things you NEED to know: #caradvice
3rd August, 2017 #caradvice
Our friends at @globedrive suggest the auto industry is behind on e-commerce trends. Do you agree? Read:…
3rd August, 2017
Because AWD SUVs don't have to cost a fortune. @Drivingdotca discusses affordable options:
2nd August, 2017
Do you know what to look for when inspecting a car you're thinking of buying? Be a pro. Learn here:…
2nd August, 2017
Here Are The Top 10 Things You Need To Consider When Choosing A New Car #caradvice
2nd August, 2017 #caradvice