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If anything feels off or sounds off get it checked. Preventative maintenance is key to road safety #caradvice
29th September, 2016 #caradvice
Make sure your brake lights work properly- other drivers need them to know when you're stopping! #caradvice
29th September, 2016 #caradvice
The rubber in all-season tires starts to harden when temps drop below 7°C. You need winter tires #caradvice #canada
28th September, 2016 #caradvice, #canada
Great tip from @CAA: Obeying the speed limit keeps our roads safe. Driving 1% faster increases a driver's fatality…
28th September, 2016
Avoid driving with a near-empty tank. If you do it often you could eventually overheat your fuel pump #caradvice
28th September, 2016 #caradvice
Temps rise & fall fast in fall, & so does your tire pressure. Learn to check it: #caradvice
27th September, 2016 #caradvice
You wear sandals on the beach & boots in the snow, so why use the same tires all year round? #wintertires #caradvice
27th September, 2016 #caradvice