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When the nozzle clicks, the tank is full. Topping it up can damage your car and waste your money #caradvice
24th June, 2017 #caradvice
Running low on petrol? Here are 10 fuel saving tips that could save you money at the pump #moneysaving #caradvice
24th June, 2017 #caradvice
Adjusting side mirrors so your own car's barely visible reduces your blind spot #caradvice
23rd June, 2017 #caradvice
Did you know SUVs have rear wipers 'cause their rear windshields are more upright & catch more dust & dirt?…
23rd June, 2017
Give cyclists at least 3 feet of buffer space when you pass. More tips to share the road with #cyclists:…
22nd June, 2017 #cyclists
@OMVIC_Consumers Agreed! Check out this article on protecting yourself from curbsiders:
22nd June, 2017
Replace brake pads as needed & prolong the life of your rotors. Fix small problems now & avoid big ones later…
22nd June, 2017