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First stop of the day: St. Jean De Brebeuf Catholic High School! #cbu #recruitment https://t.co/jFRVeW8ZGC
18th October, 2017 #cbu
Here in downtown Toronto at North Toronto Collegiate Institute! They have a football field in the middle of the cit… https://t.co/DDcjP9kLBJ
18th October, 2017
Listening to Douglas Moo on justification. Another fantastic start to the SCM Lecture Series at @calbaptist with… https://t.co/I0SEsCOsL9
17th October, 2017
Study up students.Remember during finals, 10% discounts if you show your ID to the cashier #molinoscoffeehttps://t.co/bgBMYvIc0e
17th October, 2017
You know it was a rough mid-term when the cigarette is already in your mouth as you leave the class #CBU
17th October, 2017 #CBU
Back at it today after having a couple of days dedicated for drop offs. I’m on site at Woburn Collegiate Institute!… https://t.co/u5UVD52ShX
17th October, 2017
Register for the upcoming ArtSci events with this form! https://t.co/WopWS3rs9R #cbuartsci #artsci #cbu @cbuniversity @cbu_art_gallery
16th October, 2017 #cbu