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Just finished my panel brief full of often tough but always provoking exciting discussion around life during/beyond… https://t.co/uGdRXLiDA2
21st January, 2018
According to @CAPA_Aviation, 3 rapidly growing airlines 🛫 are based in Eastern/Central Europe: Ural Airlines (Russi… https://t.co/TQEwdCbyrF
21st January, 2018
Hosting the Battle of the Remote Cars Car Race at Pondicherry Old Port Ground https://t.co/8rXRQC1iCZ #ceehttps://t.co/O56PfdvdmO
21st January, 2018 #cee
Centre of Europe is moving to #CEE region. This is inevitable and there is little #Macron or #Brussels can do to st… https://t.co/63N69PdZt4
20th January, 2018 #CEE, #Brussels
Businesses in Central and Eastern Europe need to do more to attract and retain top talent. So it tops the list of… https://t.co/XcQDiXXVBM
20th January, 2018