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ICYMI: God pushes us to go back to close the gaps that made us feel incomplete [John 4 v 5-26] #WithJesusUphelelehttps://t.co/8w6AFSyvqr
24th July, 2017
ICYMI: Refreshing word by #PastorJR reminding that #WithJesusUphelele [John 4 v 5-26] He goes back to close gaps!… https://t.co/3qWFBzasax
24th July, 2017
2015 Centurion FS33 with 149 hrs on the PCM ZR409 motor for sale in CA for $89,000 https://t.co/CuCuEM1LTqhttps://t.co/WswQTCnk2h
23rd July, 2017
@VoeGOLoficial w/ new luggage policy since June 20. Even @flyingblue platinum pay for 1 luggage Poor #CustomerExperience @AskAmex #Centurion
23rd July, 2017 #Centurion