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@BitsAndChipsEng Sounds like you already know VEGA is a lot of hype about nothing & still wont beat the 1080Ti hand…
22nd June, 2017
Hello @anthonyfjoshua is there any item you could donate to our premature baby fundraiser event please? #champ
22nd June, 2017 #champ
I haven't listened to @falloutboy 's #Champ🏆on yet, but I love it. #champion
22nd June, 2017 #Champ, #champion
Tough scoring conditions in today's Mid Amateur. This man, Dave Hale from @Pinner_HillGC handled them the best. Con…
22nd June, 2017
@TheOfficial_CT I smile every time I see you talk about him on the challenges. Couldn't be happier for you after be…
22nd June, 2017