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Cooper drives in a sixth-inning run on a double. #LCBB trails 7-2 in the 6th. Ben Beck on to pitch for the Pios.โ€ฆ
12th March, 2017
Raed Attia is leading nationally-ranked Zach Hewlin through one set. #LCTEN men trailing 2-1 when singles started.โ€ฆ
12th March, 2017
Well done Zambia Let's Jubilate Together #Champions
12th March, 2017 #Champions
#LCTEN 's Raed Attia took his first set agains the Blue's Hewlin, 6-3. Brewer is down 3-4, while G. Barrows leads 5โ€ฆ
12th March, 2017
S/o to Troy University!!! S/0 to my boy Daniel!!!!! #champions
12th March, 2017 #champions