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She needed a good wash. I was tired of seeing how dirty she was. :-) #chevysonic
26th October, 2016 #chevysonic
The #ChevySonic is ready to roll! With a turbo-charged engine, and advanced safety features its the perfect choice.
26th October, 2016 #ChevySonic
I thought I was going to hate this #chevysonic rental car, but this turbo LTZ is kind of fun and well built.
25th October, 2016 #chevysonic
Congratulations Alexandra Ziemianski on your New #ChevySonic. We hope you enjoy your new 🚘. #ThanksFromWeber
25th October, 2016 #ChevySonic
Still fun to drive, but more expressive than ever before. Introducing the redesigned 2017 #ChevySonic.
25th October, 2016 #ChevySonic